Useless information is never entirely useless. Useless information is more accurately defined as random information. You learn it one day without having a clue as to when (if ever) it will be useful. But then lo and behold, the day comes when you are able to spout off your 10 facts about woodworking auctions and wow your friends and family with the depth of your knowledge. We here at Bloogle live for these sorts of days, so we set out to make a website full of the most random, most (at first glance) useless information that we could find. We hope you enjoy it.

What sort of information can you expect to find at Bloogle? Expect the unexpected! We at Bloogle pride ourselves on being as unpredictable as possible, so it would ruin the fun if we laid out our whole site map for you here. Suffice it to say that one minute you might be reading about the price differences between a Puerto Vallarta vacation condo and a hotel room in Cancun, and the next minute you might be learning to identify ten breeds of dogs in ten seconds.

What's the point of learning information you may or may not need on some unpredictable day in the future? Fun. At Bloogle, we believe in learning for the sake of learning. That assimilating new knowledge into your noggin is fun. Bloogle isn't like school. If you get bored of reading about the type of glue used to assemble a modern bathroom vanity, you can skip on to the next page and the next until you find something you're interested in. Bloogle is no encyclopedia. We're not here for reference. We're here to teach you something interesting you never knew existed.

Where might you end up using the information you learned at Bloogle? That's the fun part! You never know. You might be on the stand being viciously cross examined by a pair of Riverside bankruptcy lawyers when suddenly there's an opening for you to throw in some insolvency statistics you happened to pick up at Bloogle and win over the jury. You might be stuck in a lifeboat dying of thirst when you remember a water purification device you can make from saran wrap and a Ziploc container.

Whether you use our information to win $100,000 on Final Jeopardy or just to beat your friends in a friendly game of Trivial Pursuit doesn't matter to us. What matters is that you had fun learning it and you got to have your day to shine like platinum bullion. Click on one of the topics in the navigation bar above to start filling your brain. And remember - if you're not having fun it's time to stop.

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