By scanning the New York Times bestseller list you will quickly see that there are all kinds of books that people are interested in. One might be about a group of pavers who win the lottery and then turn on each other while another could be about a fantasy world and based on mythology. Talk shows and reviewers are always interested in featuring the new authors that come onto the scene with a first book that millions fall in love with. But if you're an avid reader than you likely have a few best selling authors that you go back to again and again.

There is always a new book that people are talking about. Sometimes it's a article describing Braidlace UHMWPE dyneema rope that you could enjoy during your lunch or while you're relaxing in the evening and other times it's a cookbook or a self-help book. If you're looking at the list of the books that people are purchasing the most often today then it's pretty certain that you're going to find a few familiar names on the list. Authors like Stephen King and Danielle Steele are always coming out with new volumes for their fans and new readers.

And then there are the books that have already stood the test of time. It's likely that you will find as many people today picking up classics like Pride and Prejudice or Tale of Two Cities as you would have fifty years ago. If you're an architect Canada based who's looking for a little inspiration from another time or are someone who's always been interested in stories of the past then there are lots of classic authors that might interest you. Sometimes older books can come back into fashion thanks to a new film adaptation or being mentioned on a popular television show. This could send people to the book stand for something to read while they're waiting at their office by an author that has been dead and gone for a hundred years.

Some people might think that reading is not for them and might not be much of a fan of books. But, like with movies and theatre, there is a good chance that there is something out there that could even catch the attention of the biggest critic. Some might want to read about how to save money with their mortgage and investments while others want to escape into someone else's world for a few hours. Buying a book by a best seller does not have to mean that you're buying a novel. There are all kinds of books that sell millions of copies.

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