Consumer Reports is a magazine that has been doing in house research and testing on products and services since 1936. They currently have more than seven million subscribers and are able to spend about twenty million dollars a year in testing. The magazine's annual car issue, which comes out in April, is usually the most popular but you can find out about everything from electronics to products that you would use in a Gravenhurst catering business.

The objective of the magazine is to provide completely unbiased comparisons between products. There are no advertisements sold in the magazine and they do not accept free samples. All of the products that are tested are purchased at retail price by the staff of the publication. So, if you're looking for new furniture or dental implants Toronto based than you can be sure that the people doing the testing had the same experience that you would when purchasing the product.

As with many publications today, there is also a website associated with Consumer Reports. It has its own list of subscribers and content that is unique to the site. People who are looking for something new for their home on the Kingsway or for their children might look to this site to find out where is the best place to buy and what products you should be looking for.

The publications of Consumer Reports have done more than just tell people the pros and cons of different products available on the market. It has also caused some companies to actually improve their products. Models of Dodge, Nissan, and Lexus cars, for example, have all been modified and even recalled after bad reviews. This is sort of like the watchdog for consumers all over the world. You might be looking for diapers for a newborn baby and don't know which brand is best or be interested in getting a wedding present for a friend.

Consumer Reports is an American publication but it is available in other countries. For example, if you're living in London Ontario real estate than you will find that the magazine offered here includes a four-page spread letting customers know how the products apply here in this country. They occasionally also included reviews of some things that are only available here in Canada.

There has been some controversy surrounding this magazine from companies not so happy with how their products have been reviewed. A case with Bose Corporation went all the way to the Supreme Court and was about their comment on a sound system. Consumer Reports won this case by showing that they meant no malice. On the whole, this has been a reliable source for about seventy-five years.

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