As little as twenty years ago, job seekers had a very strict set of tasks to follow if they wanted a job. They did their investigations face to face, they hand delivered resumes, and they cold called potential employers. Today, however, with the help of the internet, a virtual staging company for example, can actually reach out to you to offer you a job, and there are many avenues of investigation you can follow. If you're going to have to search for a job soon, here are some of the avenues you might pursue.

Job Banks

There are hundreds of websites on the internet that compile job listings. In fact, there are so many that you may not know where to start. Since some companies might look for new employees for their factories on only one site, you pretty much have to check them all. If you're in Canada, one of the best places to look is on, where the government maintains a job bank that employers can post to for free. You can search it by region or by job category and even set up alerts so that you'll get an email if a job in your field is posted.


Some job banks go beyond simply listing the fact that the employer has a position open. Some even go so far as to allow you to create a profile and post resumes on the site so that not only can you apply for the job with the click of a button, but you can also advertise your profile so that employers can find you instead of the other way around. Your chances of getting a job are only as good as the website, however, so the biggest ones are your best bet. These include and


If you have specialized job skills, you may not have to muck around with digging through job ads on a job bank or peddling yourself with an e-recruiter. It is possible to find niche employment agencies that hire pools of employees and contract them out to change diapers or fix pipes. The agency that would best suit you depends on where you want to work and what sort of work you do, as they tend to be local. Some of the most popular sectors you'll find agencies for include nannies and babysitters, cleaners, office workers, and personal health care workers for the elderly and disabled.

Direct Source

And if all else fails, you can always stalk the website of your favorite lead weights manufacturer, as they'll almost always post when they're hiring. A lot of companies will even allow you to e-submit a resume for them to keep on file or add a job alert that will tell you when they're hiring.

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