London Ontario Real Estate and London Ontario Homes For Sale

Ontario is home to one third of the population of Canada and there are lots of great cities within the province to call home. If you're interested in living in a middle sized city that offers everything from thriving business, to one of the country's top universities, to entertainment options then you might consider starting to look at London Ontario real estate. While this city might not be as big or as famous as its namesake on the other side of the ocean, it is certainly one that is offering thousands of people everything that they are looking for in a home.

Many people know London as the home to the University of Western Ontario, which is known for its exceptional business school, medical programs, music school, and as a cutting edge research facility. It is certainly a member of the Canadian Ivy League of schools and there are many people graduating from this school that choose to stay in the city to build their lives. Because Western is so diverse in it's programs, you will find anything that you might be looking for here, from technology firms to opera concerts. And, due to the younger population, there are lots of options in terms of starter homes.

While you will find that London Ontario real estate offers you a lot more space than you would be able to get in a city like Toronto for a fair price, downtown locations are still at a premium and that means that home choices like condos and townhouses are becoming more popular. There are downtown choices that will allow you to walk to all of London's nightlife and maybe to work and then there are more quiet and comfortable options on the outskirts of the city. London is a city that is growing all the time, so if you're interested in new construction you will not be disappointed.

London is also a city with a rich history and there are many properties that are still present that are decades old. If you're interested in London Ontario homes for sale with a little bit of old world charm then you will find lots of stone homes in neighbourhoods like Wortley Village. This is certainly a city where everyone from a bachelor looking for his own pad to a family of six can find a place where they feel welcome, safe and happy. And if you're missing living in a bigger city or are more comfortable in the countryside, then you will find that both of those options are not very far away.

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