In the old days, people got much more face time with each other. You could meet new people at a cooking lesson, at a church event, or at the co-ed dances that were held every weekend. However these days people are too busy and wary to get together socially and tend to stick with their own circle of friends. How then, are we to meet our prospective partners? Increasingly, many people are choosing to use the internet. Here are some tips on trying online dating.

Choose Your Site Carefully

There are many different internet dating sites out there and each one has a slightly different bent. When you choose your site, do so by keeping in mind whether the type of people you're looking to meet would use the same site. If you were looking for someone who owned their own hotel, for instance, the expensive high profile site eHarmony might be your best bet. If you were looking to meet up with someone local without having to pay out the nose, you might use Plenty of Fish.

Build a Truthful Profile

You cannot expect any relationship to work if it is based on lies, so no matter how tempting it is to improve your life story a little bit by trading your Mississauga limo company for a pediatrics practice and your own photo for Gwenyth Paltrow's, don't. You should emphasize your good qualities, but within the realm of the truth. After all, you want to find someone who likes you for yourself, not for the lies you've made up.

Say Yes to Communication

It can be nerve racking to talk to complete strangers online but if someone wants to speak to you through the site, say yes. You never know, they could be the person you're looking for. One conversation should be enough for you to tell if you want to go forward, because generally speaking a dentist will feel much more at ease interacting via the keyboard than they will if they had to meet you face to face at a restaurant.

Stay Safe

Always keep your personal safety in the back of your mind. Don't post the address of your real estate, give out your phone number, or add photos to your profile that can be used to locate you or your family. If you do decide to meet up with someone you meet online, do so in a public place and safeguard your personal information until you are sure they are who they've said they are and that you can trust them.

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