UFO sightings have been around since the dawn of time. How many people do you know who believe in aliens, UFOs or Area 51? Whether UFOs are real or not isn't for us to decide. They're going to be around forever as long as there are movies and TV shows being written about them. How many times have you flipped through the guide on your TV set in your piece of Vaughan real estate property only to find a channel or two airing something UFO or alien related?

Sometimes you even read about stories in the newspaper about UFO sightings in town. It may seem quite strange to read an article about a UFO sighting to those who live in the city that isn't a part of a tabloid magazine. Yet there they are in the pages of your local newspaper sandwiched between the sports scores and ads for King West condos for sale.

Just because you don't believe in UFOs doesn't mean that everybody shares your beliefs. There are many out there who do believe in UFOs. Many people are skeptical that UFOs are real; that they're mythical objects or folklore. Unless somebody has seen something outside of their new homes in Georgetown Ontario that they think looks like a UFO it's hard to convince them UFOs exist.

How can you convince a person of something they don't believe exists without showing them proof? Yet, that still hasn't curbed the number of UFO sightings recorded every year. Are those stats valid though? Is the UFO somebody sees in the backyard of their condo in Yorkville really a UFO or just a shooting star? How can you really tell the difference between the two and be certain of what you see?

In reality you can't and it's even tougher trying to convince somebody of a UFO sighting if you live in a big city where there's less room for a UFO to crash land in than compared to a rural area located in the outskirts of town. Owning a piece of private Burlington Real Estate property outside of town with a huge lot can lead to some people believing that you may have seen a UFO because you're out in the "country."

Trying to tell people about a UFO sighting in the city would seem very strange to most city folk. To them, if they didn't hear it or didn't see it then it doesn't exist.

The fact of the matter is that whether or not UFOs exist or whether or not you believe in them or not they will always be a part of daily lives. People will continue to say they saw a UFO while others will keep denying their existence.

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