Back in the day the only way to get the major news stories from around the world was to read a newspaper. Needed to know how much a condominium for rent in Toronto or New York was going for? Newspaper. Had an interest in what the previous day's stock exchange numbers were? Newspaper. Did you want to get the word out about your temperature calibrators you had for sale? Put an ad in the newspaper.

The newspaper was the major source of information for everybody. Every city had their own local newspaper as well as the major national newspapers. That wasn't always the quickest way to get news though. Something that might have seemed like major news on Thursday night might have been old hat by Friday morning but you would have had no idea. You had to rely on the news coming to you. Now? Well, now things have changed. Why? The internet.

You can hit up Google, Yahoo, MSN, or Bing, just to name a few and type in your search query in their search bar. You'll get hundreds of thousands of hits on your topic. Sometimes millions. It doesn't matter if you live in Portland, Oregon and need to find out about greenhouse suppliers in Paris, France. All that information is at the tip of your fingers. It takes literally seconds from the moment you hit the keystrokes on your keyboard to the moment your web search engine returns with the results you wanted.

The internet and technology have made acquiring information very easy in today's world. Instead of waiting to buy a newspaper the next day to see if there are any lead shot manufacturers hiring just look that information up through a web search engine. You can get whatever you need from the internet and web search engines. Sports trade rumors, job ads, currency exchange rates, and movie casting news, just to name a few.

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